Interdisciplinary Studies
College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Curriculum Worksheets

Interdisciplinary Studies students should work with their faculty advisor or concentration head to fill out the curriculum worksheet appropriate to their concentration. All students are required to submit a completed curriculum worksheet to the MAIS office by the end of their second semester in the Interdisciplinary Studies program. Thereafter, students should fill out and submit a revised version of this form annually. Students must have an updated curriculum worksheet on file in order to register for MAIS 797 - Proposal Writing, MAIS 798 - Project, and MAIS 799 - Thesis. All MAIS degrees require a minimum of 36 credits. Please consult the University Catalog or the MAIS website for more information about your concentration's specific degree requirements.

If you are a new student in Fall 2016 or Spring 2017, please use the Curriculum Worksheet for the 2016-17 Catalog year.

If you entered the program previously, please use the Curriculum Worksheet for the year you entered the program. If you do not see your catalog year below, or you no longer have a copy of the correct Curriculum Worksheet (you received one at new-student orientation), or you're confused about which one to use, please contact the MAIS Graduate Coordinator at for assistance.

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