Interdisciplinary Studies
College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Registering for MAIS 798/799

Registration for MAIS 798 - Project or MAIS 799 - Thesis is controlled and the sections are individualized, meaning that students must have the MAIS administrative coordinator facilitate the process. The prerequisites for registering for project or thesis credits are:

  • Received an "S" for MAIS 797 (applies to students admitted after Fall 2004).
  • Received approval of the project or thesis proposal from your project or thesis committee and the MAIS director.
  • Received approval of the proposal by the MAIS Executive Committee (applies only to students in the individualized concentration).

To register for MAIS 798 or MAIS 799:

1. Submit a completed copy of the MAIS 798/799 Registration Checklist, available for download at right, in hard copy to the MAIS office. This document requires the signature of the student's project or thesis committee chair.

2. Once the administrative coordinator has double-checked that all requirements have been met, she will create an individualized section of the appropriate course, have it approved and processed, for registration into the course, through the Registrar's Office.



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