Interdisciplinary Studies
College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Project and Thesis Submission

Submission Procedures

1. The student must circulate a final version of the capstone project or thesis to their committee members and obtain their signatures on an original copy of the Project Signature Sheet or the Thesis Signature Sheet, available for download at right.

2. THESIS ONLY: The student must follow all procedures with University Dissertation & Thesis Services.

3. The student must obtain their concentration head's signature on the Project Signature Sheet. (PROJECT ONLY)

4. The student must submit a hard copy of the completed project to the MAIS office in a format that is easily kept in a folder. CDs are ok; thumbdrives are not. No bulky binders or folders, please. (PROJECT ONLY)

5. The student must submit a soft copy of the completed thesis to the MAIS director for review. (THESIS ONLY)

6. All students must submit a hard copy original of the signature sheet (thesis or project) to the MAIS director for signature. Thesis students will have to retrieve this document in order to take it to the dean's office for signature prior to submission to UDTS.

Submission Deadlines

Specific submission deadlines will be set by the Interdisciplinary Studies director and announced by the administrative coordinator each semester. In general, however, students should anticipate completing their projects or theses and circulating them for final signatures at least 2 weeks prior to the end of the semester. A project or thesis is finished when every committee member says that it is finished, and even the MAIS director can request further revision. So students are encouraged to work well ahead and keep the lines of communication open.

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