Interdisciplinary Studies
College of Humanities and Social Sciences

MAIS 797: Interdisciplinary Studies Proposal


Before Interdisciplinary Studies students can register for project or thesis credits, they must have an approved proposal. To help prepare them to write a successful proposal, they are required to take a 1-credit course, MAIS 797 - Interdisciplinary Studies Proposal.

The course provides a structured environment in which students work on their proposals with the MAIS 797 instructor and the student's project or thesis committee chair. The course culminates in the presentation of the research project/thesis proposal to an audience of peers and professors.

Preparing for MAIS 797

At the very start of MAIS 797, students should have a topic in mind and a committee chair selected. They should also work with their thesis/project committee chair to select the other two members of the committee. Though MAIS 797 is a 1-credit course, students should anticipate doing an amount of work commensurate with creating a graduate-level research proposal and budget their time accordingly.

Guidelines for Your Concentration or Topic

Some concentrations have specific guidelines for the thesis or project. Please see the links below and consult with your concentration head for more information on what your project or thesis will entail. Furthermore, every project or thesis committee will have specific requirements for the student, so it is critically important for students to work closely with their committee chair during the proposal stage.

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