Interdisciplinary Studies
College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Registering for MAIS 797

MAIS 797 is a controlled course, meaning that students will have to ask the MAIS administrative coordinator to register them. To register for MAIS 797:

1. The student will ensure that an updated curriculum worksheet is on file in the MAIS office.

2. The student will form a project/ thesis committee or at least acquire a committee chair.

3. The student will submit a completed MAIS 797 Registration Checklist, available for download at right, in hard copy to the MAIS office. This document requires a signature from the chair of the student's committee.

4. Once the MAIS administrative coordinator has verified all of the items on the checklist, she will create a slot in the class.

5. At that point, the student will have to log into Patriot Web to claim the slot. 


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