Interdisciplinary Studies
College of Humanities and Social Sciences

For Committee Chairs

Chair Responsibilities

As in other programs, committee chairs will work closely with students for an extended period of time. Faculty chairs will:

  • Provide guidance to students about the circulation of their proposals and projects/thesis for committee review.
  • Help students develop their research ideas prior to taking MAIS 797: Proposal.
  • Provide feedback on proposal elements to students enrolled in MAIS 797: Proposal. Committee chairs are asked to signal their availability for this purpose on a registration checklist before MAIS will register the student for MAIS 797.
  • Serve as the instructor of record for an individualized section of MAIS 798 or 799. Committee chairs are asked to signal their willingness to serve in this capacity by signing the students MAIS 798/799 Registration Checklist.
  • Upload a grade of IP ("In Progress") for project/thesis credits each semester that the student does not finish.
  • Upload a final grade of S ("Satisfactory") after the project has been approved by every member of the committee.
  • Ensure that the student submits the final thesis to University Dissertation & Thesis Services or the final project to Interdisciplinary Studies in hard copy.

Chair Compensation

In recognition of the time and expertise invested in each student, Interdisciplinary Studies pays a $500 honorarium to each committee chair upon conferral of the student's degree.

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