Two Interdisciplinary Studies concentrations, Higher Education and Social Entrepreneurship, require experiential learning as part of their curricula, but students in other concentrations can pursue an experiential learning opportunity (internship, study abroad, consulting, etc.) for course credit as an elective or, in some cases, as a substitute for another course requirement. Talk to your concentration head about whether experiential learning is required for your degree or something you might benefit from.

When to Register

All work in an experiential learning situation, or any type, must be conducted after registering for course credit; students may not earn course credit for prior work or volunteer experience. Students should discuss the experiential learning option with their concentration head well in advance of the semester when they would do the work and be registered for credit.

Experiential Learning Courses

Higher Education students must arrange a practicum and register for HE 685 - Practicum to receive course credit. Go here for more information about practica opportunities and the registration process.

Social Entrepreneurship students should register for individualized credits of INTS 595 - Experiential Learning using the contract form at right. 

Students in other concentrations should also register for individualized credits of INTS 595 - Experiential Learning to receive course credit for an internship or other experiential learning opportunity. Use the contract form at right.