Proposal Submission

A 3-Step Process

Submitting an approved proposal is a three-step process:

  1. Passing MAIS 797 - Proposal.
  2. Obtaining the approval of the entire project/thesis committee.
  3. Submitting the proposal and signature sheet to Interdisciplinary Studies.

Committee Approval

Having committee approval of a proposal is not a requirement for passing MAIS 797. After completing MAIS 797, students must continue to work on the proposal until every member of the committee is ready to sign off. Only then can a student register for their project/thesis credits.

Students should circulate a signature sheet for their committees to indicate approval of the proposal. Templates for the signature sheet differ between project and thesis and may be found in the menu at right.

Submission to the Interdisciplinary Studies Program

A copy of the final proposal and a signature sheet with original signatures should be submitted in hard copy to the Interdisciplinary Studies program office.

For more information about registering for project/thesis credits go here.