Information For Undergraduates

Accelerated Masters Degrees in Interdisciplinary Studies

Accelerated master’s (BAM) degree programs are designed for Mason’s highly qualified and highly motivated undergraduates.

Why BAM?

BAM pathways are appropriate for high-performing Mason undergraduates who seek a master’s degree and want to save time and money. Students who maximize their BAM opportunity can earn their master’s degree in less time and pay graduate tuition rates for fewer credits.

Saving Time: BAM undergraduate may take up to 6 credits of graduate courses in “advanced standing.” These credits will count towards both their undergraduate and graduate degrees, enabling them to graduate with their BA (or BS) and their Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies (MAIS) in 150 credits instead of 156.

Saving Money: BAM degree pathways save students money by enabling them to take up to 12 credits of graduate courses at undergraduate tuition rates. Six of these graduate credits are taken in “advanced standing” and count towards both the undergraduate and graduate degree. The other 6 graduate credits are taken as an undergraduate, but are held in “reserve graduate credit,” meaning they will not count towards the undergraduate degree. They are held “in reserve” to count towards the student’s master’s degree, at Mason or even at another university.

See MAIS BAM Application Process for detailed steps to learn more and apply.

Interdisciplinary Studies offers 7 concentration options:

Computational Social Science

Energy and Sustainability

Folklore Studies

Religious Studies

Social Entrepreneurship

Social Justice and Human Rights

War and the Military In Society

Women and Gender Studies