Individualized Studies Concentration

Designing your own Masters with a Mission

This concentration gives you the opportunity to design an interdisciplinary graduate program to meet the distinctive needs of your educational and professional goals. For example, a student interested in theater education might put together a curriculum with courses from our programs in theater, English, and education.  In this way, you are able to leverage the courses and faculty strength of the entire university.

This program is not for everyone. The curriculum pursued should not substantially replicate existing Mason degree programs. Rather, it should reflect a detailed plan of study that makes intellectual sense and that could not otherwise be completed within the already available degree programs at the university. Additionally, applicants to the individualized studies concentration must acquire the support of a graduate faculty member prior to applying to the program. For more details, see the section on applying.

If you would like to consult about the viability of a proposed program, please contact the concentration head.