Accelerated MAIS in Interdisciplinary Studies

Accelerated Master's for Mason Undergraduates in Interdisciplinary Studies

Casey Klemmer, 2023

Casey Klemmer

Casey Klemmer is a graduating senior in integrative studies with a concentration in women and gender studies. He is also an accelerated MAIS student with a concentration in social justice and human rights. With both his degrees, Klemmer has focused on queer issues and activism, and hopes to do work in immigration with transgender migrants in the future.  
Klemmer has worked as a mentor at the women and gender studies center since his first year at Mason. In his work there he has updated and curated the center's extensive library and developed and implemented an intersectionality training module that is available university-wide. He also works as a student coordinator for the LGBTQ+ Resources Center where he coordinates Safe Zone program enrollment and maintains the center. Klemmer is a founding member of the Queer Student Leadership Council which works to connect queer students to resources on campus and to each other.  
In his free time he enjoys knitting and hiking, as well as spending time with his dog. He also enjoys the occasional sunrise, as long as he is well rested beforehand.