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Marrisa Thornton

Marrisa Thornton, 2016

Making sure everyone gets counted

Marissa Thornton works for the US Census Bureau, where she focuses on strategies for counting hard-to-reach populations. She draws on the research methods she learned in her Higher Education program to do this work.

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Kristen Wright

Kristen Wright, 2016

Kristen graduated from the MAIS program in Higher Education in May 2016. While a student in the program Kristen worked as the Graduate Assistant for Family Programs and Services in Orientation Family Programs and Services. Kristen worked in service-learning at the university and nonprofit level for roughly six years before enrolling in the Higher Education Program at George Mason.

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Amber Duffey

Amber Duffey, 2015

Serving Mason student organizations

Engaged college students are more successful college students. Through her work in Mason's office of student involvement, Amber Duffey is helping students connect to the life of the university.

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