Interdisciplinary Studies
College of Humanities and Social Sciences

For All Prospective MAIS Students

Thank you for your interest in the Interdisciplinary Studies Program at George Mason University! We invite all prospective students to learn about the MAIS program by exploring the pages of the program website. If you plan to apply to the Interdisciplinary Studies program, please keep the following in mind:

  • Applicants must apply to each MAIS concentration separately. Students admitted to one MAIS concentration must reapply to the program if they wish to transfer to another concentration.
  • All graduate applications are made online via Mason Graduate Admissions.
  • Completed MAIS applications will be processed by College of Humanities & Social Sciences (CHSS) Graduate Admissions and evaluated by faculty within the Interdisciplinary Studies program. 
  • Prospective students should familiarize themselves with University, CHSS, as well as MAIS application procedures. 
  • Some MAIS concentrations have unique application requirements. Navigate to the page for the concentration in which you are interested, and choose "Application Requirements" from the menu on the left.

To Request Information

To request more information or to register your interest in our degree, contact CHSS Graduate Admissions We encourage you to do this so we can provide you with better service and keep you informed about upcoming events relevant to your program of interest. You can also find help by contacting the MAIS administrative coordinator. 

Prospective Women & Gender Studies Students

Students interested in the Women & Gender Studies concentration are encouraged to fill out an inquiry form and send it to concentration head Dr. Angie Hattery.

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