A Master's With A Mission

The Interdisciplinary Studies (MAIS) program in the College of Humanities & Social Sciences encourages students' freedom and creativity while recognizing the demand for high quality, non-traditional graduate programs that transcend disciplinary boundaries.

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Multiple Degree Pathways

Multiple Degree Pathways

Interdisciplinary Studies consists of multiple established degree paths (concentrations) that exist in partnership with academic units and faculty across the University.

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A Shared Commitment

A Shared Commitment

Interdisciplinary Studies offers a home for students with broad academic interests who seek a master's degree that will help them to create a better world. While their degree paths may vary dramatically, our students share a desire to address critical problems facing the world today.

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Freedom to Explore

Freedom to Explore

Our programs are multidisciplinary in nature, allowing students considerable freedom to tailor their degrees to their unique interests and professional goals, with many encouraging experiential learning in a professional setting of the student' own choosing.

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Computational Social Science

Merges social science with computer programming and modeling to prepare students for jobs in government, the military and the private sector.

Energy and Sustainability

Offers broad training in environmental science, engineering, economics and business, public policy, and the humanities to create the sustainability professionals of the future.

Folklore Studies

Offers rigorous field training in understanding and preserving a community's identity, with strong ties to local and national institutions which provide internship and employment opportunities.

Individualized Studies

Invites applicants whose goals are not met by a traditional master's program to design their own path, with faculty assistance, prior to applying to the program.

Religious Studies

Provides inquiry into religion as an organizing principle, and frequent source of conflict, with training suitable for careers in law, government, journalism, library sciences, teaching and work with non-profits.

Social Entrepreneurship

Provides students with a theoretical and practical toolkit to engage with real-world issues in industry, nonprofits, government, public policy, and education while maintaining a commitment to social justice and caring for human dignity.

Social Justice and Human Rights

Focuses on racial injustice, educational rights, (dis)ability rights, indigenous rights, animal rights, and human trafficking in preparation for careers in education, public service, and community organizing.

War and the Military in Society

Provides broad training in understanding the ways nations conceive of their military apparatus, and the bearing it has on future policy decisions, for careers in national defense, intelligence, and international security.

Women and Gender Studies

Combines research, teaching, and activism, with a focus on the intersections of sex, gender, sexuality, and power in preparation for careers in education, public service and community organizing.