A Diverse Community

Prospective applicants often wonder what their fellow students will be like and whether they will be a good fit for a graduate program. Interdisciplinary Studies is defined by diversity, inclusion, and creative, cross-disciplinary study and thinking.

Our Community

Interdisciplinary Studies is an inclusive community of faculty and students from a variety of disciplines who share a commitment to quality scholarship, innovative thinking, and hard work as means of addressing pressing concerns like inequality, resource management, and conflict. 

A Range of Backgrounds

All Interdisciplinary Studies concentrations are open to applicants from a range of backgrounds. Applicants often cross over from the humanities to the social or natural sciences, and vice versa, when they transition from their undergraduate work into Interdisciplinary Studies. Some students come straight from undergraduate to graduate school, while others are returning to school after years or even decades working professionally or raising families. Some students go full time and finish in about 2 years, while others work full time and take classes one or two at a time.

There is no single path forward, and all are welcome to walk their path with us.