Individualized Studies Concentration

Designing your own master's with a mission

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Individualized Studies is your opportunity to design an interdisciplinary graduate program to develop expertise spanning multiple areas to meet the distinctive needs of your educational and professional goals. By crafting a degree path, in conjunction with a graduate advisor, you are able to leverage the courses and faculty strength of the entire university. In our innovation-based economy, an interdisciplinary mindset can be highly prized.

This program is not for everyone. The curriculum pursued should reflect a detailed plan of study that makes intellectual sense and that cannot be completed within available degree programs at the university. For more details, see the section on applying.

If you would like to consult about the viability of a proposed program, please contact the concentration head.

Who’s in the Program

Successful students in Individualized Studies are those willing to put in the work to meet with professors and craft relationships outside of the established degree pathways.  Applicants must have the support of a graduate faculty member prior to applying to the program. 

Capstone and Career Paths

Students have pursued careers as varied as the paths taken to arrive at graduation. For example, students interested in integrating sustainability into their career as a facilities manager might combine courses from the sustainability and hospitality management programs. Educators may be interested in combining courses from the school of psychology and secondary education of students who are deaf or hard of hearing to improve their knowledge of special learning populations and the social issues these students face in today's educational environments. Government employees interested in a career interacting with the media could combine courses in government and rhetorical performance. There are a wide range of concentrations that can be created based on each student's professional career aspirations.

Examples of student interests from Capstone Projects and Theses include:

· College & university sports media coverage of female athletes 

· The international illegal wildlife trade

· Peer education workshops on well-being

· Resilience and well-being in Middle East conflict-zone populations through an evidence-based intervention program

· Global Environmental Justice

· Identity issues in 19th-century occupational daguerreotypes