Troy Lowery honored as a CHSS Distinguished Alumni – Staff Award

Troy Lowery has been honored by the College of Humanities and Social Sciences as a 2021 Distinguished Alumni – Staff Award. The CHSS Alumni Awards are made each fall as part of the College's Community and Catalysts event.

The College celebrates individuals whose leadership, research, and service have made outstanding contributions to their fields, communities, and to George Mason University.  

Troy received his MAIS degree in Interdisciplinary Studies with a concentration in Higher Education.  Troy has held several positions at Mason and is currently the Director of Student Outreach with the College of Humanities and Social Sciences (CHSS).

Learn more about Troy’s work here

The Community & Catalysts virtual event will be held on Thursday, November 18 to celebrate CHSS students, faculty, staff, and alumni.  Registration is required.      

Congratulations, Troy!