Dr. Anamaria Berea Publishes a Book

Dr. Berea, MAIS, concentration head for Computational Social Sciences, recently published a new book as an editor and co-author, “Technosignatures for Detecting Intelligent Life in Our Universe, A Research Companion”, that tackles the interdisciplinary approach to understanding life in our universe, with contributions from astrophysics and astronomy to history, economics and data science.  The completion of this book was a challenging experience, due to the pandemic, and during the last couple of years many of the original authors faced setbacks. But the astrobiology community, and the technosignatures community in this case, is a very close-knit community of researchers that are very passionate about their work, that come from many different fields, from astrophysics and biology to anthropology and history, some of them having been active in this space for decades, others just graduating now from their degrees, and it is a very beautiful, dynamic and uplifting research environment. The book is now available to order from Amazon, Barnes and Noble and other major online book sellers all over the world.  

Dr. Berea also gave a talk at the NASA Technosignartures Seminar, where she discussed the role of data science for the technosignatures field. The talk is available publicly here.

Read more about Dr. Berea’s research here: https://science.gmu.edu/directory/anamaria-berea