Interdisciplinary Studies
College of Humanities and Social Sciences

CHSS Scholars REDEFINE Security

CHSS scholars Lisa Breglia (Global Affairs), Shannon Davis (Sociology) and Angie Hattery (Women and Gender Studies) presented their posters at the Provost’s annual multidisciplinary research symposium on Friday, February 12th. This year’s theme, security, brought together scholars and entrepreneurs from around campus and the larger DC metro area who were largely focused on cyber security, water security and terrorism.  Breglia, who focuses her work on livelihood security (the ability to make a living when a community is threatened by outside economic forces) and Davis and Hattery who focus their research on interpersonal security (gun violence, intimate partner violence, incarceration) redefined the conversation at the symposium to the interest of many who engaged them in conversation. Breglia, Davis and Hattery look forward to bringing their research to other events and hope to expand their work by engaging colleagues in many other disciplines.

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