Why get a degree in Religious Studies?

The main goal of a religious studies program (in most cases) is to help you understand the world’s various religions, as well as their relationships to culture both in the past and in the contemporary world.

An understanding of religion translates into an understanding of the world around us, as religion is a major force in contemporary politics, societies and cultures, just as it has been throughout history.

To help examine religious belief in its relation to these social sciences, religious studies programs often incorporate elements of sociology, political science, anthropology, language studies, classical studies and history.

As a religious studies graduate, you'll have a lot of career options. Why is that? Well, simply put, because you will acquire skills that can be applied to many different types of careers.

• Ability to evaluate current affairs from a critical perspective

• Ability to assess the impact of religion in the contemporary world

• An understanding and appreciation of human cultural, social and religious diversity

• An understanding of the multi-faceted nature of human interactions

• Research skills that facilitate the study and appreciation of diverse cultures

• An understanding of social patterns, both in a historical and contemporary context

• Specific knowledge of the teachings and philosophies of various religions

• A fundamental cultural literacy

• Research skills, including data gathering and direct observation

• Able to interpret and express your position on perplexing phenomena

• Critical intelligence and skills in intellectual analysis

• Ability to empathize with your fellow human being in order to understand his or her perspective

List of potential career options:

• Community Outreach Coordinator

• Cultural Administrator

• Military Chaplain

• Missionary

• Non-Profit Administrator

• Pastoral Services Coordinator

• Religious Activities and Education Director

• University Professor

• Volunteer Coordinator

• Addictions Counsellor

• Anthropologist

• Blogger

• Diplomat

• International Aid Worker

• International Development Project Director

• Journalist

• Lobbyist

• Media Manager

• Paralegal

• Political Scientist


(adapted from "Careers with a Religious Studies Degree")