Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies

Valencia K. Long, 2017

Valencia K. Long

Valencia K. Long received her Master of Interdisciplinary Studies with a concentration in Women and Gender Studies from Mason. With this degree, as well as by drawing on her bachelor’s degree in fashion merchandising and dance & choreography from Virginia Commonwealth University, Valencia has been able to work across multiple industries.

Her work with Avail, Inc., a Richmond-based company that emphasizes its positive impact in communities, and the Global Media Project, which uses media for social change to shift narratives to be more inclusive, is informed by two compelling catalysts. First is her constant belief in people and the depth of how equity must be the cornerstone of all companies, organizations, and institutions.

Valencia’s other touchstone is the Women and Gender Studies Program. Her work with the program culminated in her graduate project, “The Transformation,” a video that she directed and filmed, which explores and reflects the heart of the program – and which earned recognition for Best Graduate Student Project Award. She is grateful for the visionary leadership of the program, which she credits with giving her the tools to champion the things she believes in.