Information For New Students


Welcome to the Interdisciplinary Studies program at George Mason University! We are delighted you decided to enroll in this unique program, which encourages students to make the most of Mason's vast array of courses, our faculty's expertise, and your own creativity. On behalf of all the concentration heads, I wish you all the best for your first year!

--Dr. Benjamin Gatling, MAIS Director

Getting Started

1. First steps for newly admitted students

Log in to your application portal to view the decision.  Accept, decline or request to move your application by clicking on the link provided in the offer letter. Complete and submit the enrollment form. Within 24-48 hours of submitting enrollment form, you will receive an official notification with instructions on registering for your courses.

2. Meet Your Concentration Head

The Interdisciplinary Studies program is a little different than most Mason graduate programs, in that we have an extra layer of faculty support built into the program. In addition to the program director, who ensures quality and consistency across all of the concentrations, concentration heads manage the curriculum design and implementation of the concentrations. These faculty members have expertise in the appropriate area of study and are in the best position to advise students--particularly new students--about course selection, degree planning, and assembling a project or thesis committee. If you have not had a chance to meet your concentration head, please do so.

3. Complete the online Orientation module

This online introduction module  is designed to introduce new students to the concept of interdisciplinarity and to help them conceptualize and plan for the remainder of their time in the program.  It can be completed at any time prior to end of your first semester. Please email and questions to

4. Read the MAIS Student Handbook

The MAIS Student Handbook contains useful information to help you navigate your studies. You can download it from the menu at right.  Use the bookmarks to locate specific sections.

We recommend you familiarize yourself with this MAIS website, University Policies, the University Catalog, and CHSS policies for graduate students. 

5. Submit immunization records and official transcripts to the university.

Details on submitting records can be found at CHSS Newly Admitted Graduate Students