Curriculum Worksheets

Interdisciplinary Studies students should work with their concentration head to fill out the curriculum worksheet appropriate to their concentration. You can download a copy of your curriculum worksheet below.

Which Curriculum Worksheet to Use

Use the curriculum worksheet specific to the year you entered the Interdisciplinary Studies program.

Like all Mason degrees, Interdisciplinary Studies degree requirements undergo revision periodically.  Please consult the University catalog specific to the year you started the program to determine whether your degree requirements differ substantially from those in the current catalog. 

At new-student orientation, we provided you with copies of the curriculum worksheet particular to that catalog year. If you no longer have a copy, or you're confused about which worksheet to use, please contact the Interdisciplinary Studies Graduate Coordinator at for assistance.

Remember: submitting the wrong curriculum worksheet is better than submitting no curriculum worksheet!

Note:  Curriculum worksheets starting in Fall 2017 have been converted to fillable pdf forms as of March 27, 2018.  To ensure you can save the information entered, download the file to your computer, then open it directly from your computer using Adobe (or Preview on Mac).  Please contact if you have any questions or issues.