For Experiential Learning Instructors

Every student who does experiential learning for course credit in the Interdisciplinary Studies program must have an instructor of record for the course. This person must be a GMU faculty member authorized to teach graduate-level courses. Serving in this role involves a nominal amount of time, especially on the second or third time through. The Interdisciplinary Studies program offers a hearty thank-you to every faculty member who agrees to serve in this capacity!

Role of the EL Instructor of Record

This faculty member's role is to ensure the intellectual and educational integrity of the student's experiential learning work, whether they serve as an intern, conduct field research, or work as a consultant. 

Responsibilities of the EL Instructor of Record

The instructor of record will perform the following functions:

  • Assist the student in developing learning outcomes for their experiential learning work prior to applying for EL registration. 
  • Sign the student's EL application. 
  • Provide the student with a syllabus outlining the course's requirements and deadlines.
    • Interdisciplinary Studies can provide a template.
  • Assist the student if they have questions or problems during their EL work.
  • Evaluate the student's deliverables.
    • These typically consist of a self-reflection essay and an evaluation memo from the site supervisor. 
  • Assign the student a grade for the course.