Anamaria Berea

Anamaria Berea

Anamaria Berea

Concentration Head, Computational Social Science

Associate Professor

I hold a PhD in Economics (2010) and a PhD in Computational Social Science (2012) and I use data science to solve problems in space sciences and astrobiology. I research the emergence of communication and fundamental patterns of communication in both living and non-living (AI) systems, from cell-cell interactions to animal signaling, human languages and meta-programming languages.

Current Research

I am currently doing research at the intersection of data sciences (with a focus on natural language processing), economics and astrobiology. My aim is to understand communication in biological and social networks as an evolving complex system.

Selected Publications

Berea, Anamaria. “Emergence of Communication in Socio-Biological Networks”, Springer, January 2018.

Bell Aaron, Chopra Aditya, Fawcett William, Talebi Rodd, Angerhausen Daniel, Berea Anamaria, Cabrol Nathalie, Kempes Chris, Mascaro Massimo. 2018. “NASA Frontier Development Lab 2018 Using machine learning to study E.T. biospheres”, NIPS - CiML 2018

Sean McGregor, Dattaraj Dhuri, Anamaria Berea and Andrés Muñoz-Jaramillo. 2017. “FlareNet: A Deep Learning Framework for Solar Phenomena Prediction”, NIPS 2017

Berea, Anamaria, Tsvetovat, Maksim, Daun-Barnett, Nathan, Greenwald, Mathew and Cox, Elena, 2015. “A New Multi-Dimensional Conceptualization of Individual Achievement in College”, Decision Analytics, 2:3, Springer, May 2015.

Minoiu, Camelia and Kang, Chanhyun and Subrahmanian, V.S. and Berea, Anamaria, Does Financial Connectedness Predict Crises? Quantitative Finance, 15:4, Routledge, March 2015.

Berea, Anamaria, Maxwell, Dan and Twardy, Charles, 2012. “Improving Forecast Accuracy Using Bayesian Network Decomposition in Prediction Markets”, AAAI Proceedings, Fall 2012 Symposium.


  • PhD, Computational Social Science, George Mason University, (2012)
  • PhD, Academy of Economic Studies of Romania, (2010)
  • MA, Academy of Economic Studies of Romania, (2004)