Full-time Faculty


  • Leah M Adams

    Leah M Adams

    Associate Professor

    Psychosocial aspects of adapting to chronic disease and/or traumatic injury; HIV risk & prevention among high-risk groups; Health equity & reducing health disparities

  • Anu Aneja

    Anu Aneja


    transnational feminist theory and aesthetics; contemporary French, francophone and Indian literatures; feminist perspectives on mothering; and feminist pedagogy


  • Anamaria Berea

    Anamaria Berea

    Concentration Head, Computational Social Science

    Associate Professor


  • Cher Weixia Chen

    Cher Weixia Chen

    Associate Professor

    International Studies, Legal Studies, and Social Justice and Human Rights

  • David Powers Corwin

    David Powers Corwin

    Assistant Professor

    LGBTQ+ Studies; friendship studies; television studies; trauma rhetoric; Appalachian Studies; gender and sexuality in higher education


  • Maria M Dakake

    Maria M Dakake

    Concentration Head, Religious Studies

    Associate Professor

    Islamic Thought; Qur'anic Studies; Shi'ite and Sufi Traditions; Women and Gender


  • Samuel L. Frye

    Samuel L. Frye

    Concentration Head, Social Entrepreneurship

    Associate Professor

    Community development, housing access and rights, social policy, hyperlocal governance, entrepreneurship and leadership, and the production of space and place.


  • Benjamin Gatling

    Benjamin Gatling

    Interim Director

    Associate Professor

    narrative, performance, the ethnography of communication, Persianate oral traditions, Islam, Central Asia and the Middle East


  • Christopher H. Hamner

    Christopher H. Hamner

    Concentration Head, War and Military in Society

    Associate Professor

    War and American society, the individual experience of combat, technological change and warfare

  • Susan Howard

    Susan Howard

    Associate Professor

    Design-thinking, One Health, global health, sustainability, conservation decision-making, application of social marketing, game-based learning and emerging digital and social technologies for behavior change


  • Hamdi Kavak

    Hamdi Kavak

    Assistant Professor

  • Bill G. Kennedy

    Bill G. Kennedy

    Associate Professor

    Computational cognitive modeling, computational social science


  • Rachel A. Lewis

    Rachel A. Lewis

    Concentration Head, Women and Gender Studies


    feminist and queer theory; ecofeminism and animal rights; human rights; race and immigration; transnational sexualities; media and cultural studies; disability studies

  • Eduardo Lopez Atencio

    Eduardo Lopez Atencio

    Associate Professor

    Applied Science, Data Sciences, Math, Modeling and Simulation


  • Wendi N. Manuel-Scott

    Wendi N. Manuel-Scott


    Race, gender, the African American experience, and the history of black women in the Atlantic World

  • Shayna Maskell

    Shayna Maskell

    Concentration Head, Social Justice and Human Rights

    Concentration Head, Individualized Studies

    Associate Professor

    Popular and youth culture, music, social movements, and subcultures.

  • Graziella Pagliarulo McCarron

    Graziella Pagliarulo McCarron

    Associate Professor


  • Dale Rothman

    Dale Rothman

    Associate Professor

    Modeling and Simulation, Climate Science, Environmental Science and Policy, Sustainability


  • Richard Todd Stafford

    Richard Todd Stafford

    Concentration Head, Energy and Sustainability


    Cultural study of science and technology, culture and political economy, environment and culture, political ecology, visual culture


  • Gregory Unruh

    Gregory Unruh

    Associate Professor

    Sustainable Business Strategy and Social Innovation