Interdisciplinary Studies
College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Tenure-line Faculty

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  • Jan Arminio

    Jan Arminio

    Concentration Head, Community College Teaching

    Concentration Head, Higher Education


    Multicultural issues, qualitative research, assessment, campus programs, leadership


  • Lisa C Breglia

    Lisa C Breglia

    Concentration Head, Energy and Sustainability

    Associate Professor

    Natural and cultural resources, intellectual property, World Heritage, and global environmentalism


  • Benjamin Gatling

    Benjamin Gatling

    Concentration Head, Folklore Studies

    Assistant Professor

    narrative, performance, the ethnography of communication, Islam, Central Asia and the Middle East

  • Paul C.  Gorski

    Paul C. Gorski

    Concentration Head, Social Justice and Human Rights

    Associate Professor

    Social Justice Teacher Education, Activist Burnout and Persistence, Poverty and Educational Opportunity


  • Christopher H. Hamner

    Christopher H. Hamner

    Concentration Head, War and Military in Society

    Associate Professor

    War and American society, the individual experience of combat, technological change and warfare


  • Nadine Kabbani

    Nadine Kabbani

    Concentration Head, Neuroethics

    Associate Professor, School of Systems Biology | Associate Director, Interdisciplinary Program in Neuroscience

    Proteomic organization, evolution of signaling networks in neurons


  • Meredith H. Lair

    Meredith H. Lair

    Concentration Head, Individualized Studies

    Director, Interdisciplinary Studies

    The Vietnam War, war and American society, veterans, collective memory, consumerism, militarism, conflict tourism, American social history


  • Randi L Rashkover

    Randi L Rashkover

    Associate Professor

    Jewish philosophy, Jewish-Christian theological relations, Jewish feminist thought


  • Abdulaziz Sachedina

    Abdulaziz Sachedina

    Concentration Head, Religion, Culture and Values

    IIIT Chair in Islamic Studies