Eduardo Lopez Atencio

Eduardo Lopez Atencio

Eduardo Lopez Atencio

Associate Professor

Applied Science, Data Sciences, Math, Modeling and Simulation

My research focuses on systems that can be approached in an interdisciplinary way with the tools of network science, stochastic processes, statistical physics, and big data. In this broad context, I have a particular interest in flow processes on networks. Another highly related interest is the search for quantitative laws in social, economic, and technological systems.

Currently working with:

  • Patterns and laws of human communication, so called social signatures
  • Applications of network theory to the interacting firm-workforce system
  • Principles of the theory of complex networks

Selected Publications

R. L. Axtell, O. A. Guerrero, E. López, Frictional unemployment on labor flow networks, 2019. Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization 160, 184-201

J.  Saramäki, E. A. Leicht, E. López, S. G. B. Roberts, F. Reed-Tsochas, and R. I. M. Dunbar, 2014. Persistence of Social Signatures in Human Communication, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences,  111 (3) pp. 942-947

D. Cellai, E. López, J. Zhou, J.P. Gleeson, G. Bianconi, 2013. Percolation in multiplex networks with overlap, Physical Review E 88 (5), 052811

S. Sreenivasan, R. Cohen, E. López, Z. Toroczkai, H.E. Stanley, 2007, Physical Review E 75 (3), 036105.

E. López, S.V. Buldyrev, S. Havlin, H.E. Stanley, 2005. Anomalous Transport in Scale-free networks, Physical Review Letters, 94 (24), 248701.