Richard Todd Stafford

Richard Todd Stafford

Richard Todd Stafford

Concentration Head, Energy and Sustainability


Cultural study of science and technology, culture and political economy, environment and culture, political ecology, visual culture

Richard Todd Stafford is the director of communications in the Honors College, co-organizer of the Center for Humanities Research Environmental Justice reading group, and a scholar studying culture, energy, and the environment. He has been institutionally recognized for his work teaching classes concerning climate change; science, technology, and society; and multidisciplinary research.

Selected Publications

(2019) "Response to Caroline West’s 'From Company Town to Post-Industrial: Inquiry on the Redistribution of Space and Capital with a Universal Basic Income'," Lateral 8.1.

(2015) "The politics of space in Joe Sacco's representations of the Appalachian coalfields" in The Comics of Joe Sacco: Journalism in a Visual World ed. Daniel Worden (University of Mississippi Press).

(2011) "Towards an epistemological theory of comics journalism: Case studies in Joe Sacco's war reportage" Public Knowledge Journal (now-defunct online grad student journal out of Virginia Tech) 3.1.4


PhD, Cultural Studies, George Mason University (2022)

MA, English, Virginia Tech (2011)

BA, English, William and Mary (2001)


David W. Rossell Quill Award, George Mason University (2021) 

Exceptional Support Award, George Mason University (2015)

XCaliber Award with ePortfolio for English team, Virginia Tech (2011)

Carol Chermside Award for Best Master's Thesis, Virginia Tech (2011)

In the Media

Cultural Studies Podcast

(25 October 2022) Chris Nealon and Richard Todd Stafford. "Episode 12 - Colloquium series interview." (role: interviewer)

(13 September 2018) John Cook and Richard Todd Stafford. "Episode 01 – Climate Science Denial and Information Inoculation." (role: interviewer)

(27 September 2018) Imre Szeman and Amy Zhang. "Episode 02 – Petrocultures and the Energy Humanities." (role: transcription)

(11 October 2018) Merlin Chowkwanyun and Tauheeda Yasin Martin. "Episode 03 – Toxic Risk, Corporate Negligence, Public Reckoning." (role: audio editing and transcription)

(25 October 2018) Jason W. Moore and Richard Todd Stafford. "Episode 04 – Cheap Nature; or, the Cultural Logic of Historical Capitalism." (role: interviewer, audio editing, and transcription)

(8 November 2018) Toby Miller and Pavithra Suresh. "Episode 05 – Greenwashing Culture." (role: audio editing and transcription)

(31 January 2019) Leigh Phillips and Richard Todd Stafford. "Episode 06 – Planning the Good Anthropocene." (role: interviewer, audio engineering, audio editing, and transcription)

(14 February 2019) Christian Parenti and Richard Todd Stafford. "Episode 07 – The Storm State: The Political Economy of Government in the Age of Climate Crisis." (role: interviewer, audio engineering, audio editing, and transcription)

(28 February 2019) Ashley Dawson and Richard Todd Stafford. "Episode 08 – Just Urban Futures." (role: audio engineering, audio editing, and transcription)

(18 April 2019) Sheila Watt-Cloutier and Christine Rosenfeld. "Episode 09 – Everything is Connected: Environment, Economy, Foreign Policy, Sustainability, Human Rights, and Leadership in the 21st Century." (role: audio engineering, audio editing, and transcription)  

Cultural Studies Colloquium Positions and Interventions Blog

(26 January 2017) Chris Newfield and Richard Todd Stafford. "Interview: Christopher Newfield on Higher Education."