Samuel L. Frye

Samuel L. Frye

Samuel L. Frye

Concentration Head, Social Entrepreneurship

Assistant Professor

Community development, housing access and rights, social policy, hyperlocal governance, entrepreneurship and leadership, and the production of space and place.

Dr. Frye is a faculty member of the School of Integrative Studies where he works with students pursuing a minor in Nonprofit Studies and serves as the Social Entrepreneurship concentration head for the Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies (MAIS) degree. A trained sociologist, Dr. Frye is passionate about helping communities make sense of and navigate economic, social, political, and environmental change, while contributing to a greater understanding of the role of local government and nonprofit organizations in mediating change.

Dr. Frye is committed to improving curricula and teaching through the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL). Most recently, he has studied the impact of collaborative learning in nonprofit studies education with the goal of closing the theory-to-practice gap prevalent in applied disciplines.

During his time at Mason, Dr. Frye has served the university in various capacities, including Capital Planning representative to the Faculty Senate, CHSS Faculty Workload workshops, CHSS Faculty Assembly Term Faculty Ad Hoc Committee, and several faculty and director re-appointment and search committees.

In addition to his teaching, scholarship, and service, Dr. Frye has 10 years of professional experience designing, evaluating, and improving programs and services for local government and nonprofit organizations.

Current Research

Rampato, Maria Emilia, Yamila Silva Peralta, and Samuel L. Frye. Examining University Students' Perceptions of Their Entrepreneurial Competencies.

Sun, Ziheng, Samuel L. Frye, Ali Levent YAĞCI, Nuriye Say, and Liping Di. Understanding the Causes and Consequences of Agricultural Land-Use Change in Turkey.

Frye, Samuel L. High-Impact Learning in Nonprofit Sector Studies: A Handbook

Frye, Samuel L. Negotiating the Covenant of Quiet Enjoyment: A Policy Analysis of Municipal Responses to Noise.

Frye, Samuel L. Collaboration or Competition? Cross-Sector Approaches to Solving Social Problems.

Selected Publications

Frye, Samuel L., and McCarron, Graziella. (2021). Leveraging High-impact, Collaborative Learning in an Undergraduate Nonprofit Studies Course Toward Bolstering Career Readiness. Journal of Nonprofit Education and Leadership.

Grants and Fellowships

Frye, Samuel L. 2020 Term Faculty Development Grant ($5,000), College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Mathison, Patty, Samuel L. Frye, Shauna Rigaud, Laura Poms, Julie Owen, Graziella McCarron, and Nick Lennon. 2019-2020 Curriculum Impact Grant ($32,420), Office of the Provost, George Mason University

Courses Taught

At George Mason:

  • Leadership in a Changing Environment
  • Understanding Integrative Studies
  • Neighborhood, Community, and Identity
  • Poverty, Wealth, and Inequality in the U.S.
  • The Nonprofit Sector
  • Leadership Theory & Practice
  • Social Policy
  • Visual Culture and Society

At Other Universities:

  • Social and Cultural Change
  • Social Problems
  • Principles of Sociology


Ph.D. Administration and Leadership Studies, Indiana University of Pennsylvania

M.A. Sociology, Indiana University of Pennsylvania

B.A. Art, The Pennsylvania State University

Recent Presentations

Frye, Samuel L., Yamila Silva Peralta, and Susan Howard (2020). “Social Entrepreneurship.” Webinar organized by the International Higher Education Fair of Argentina (FIESA) and the Argentine Embassy in Washington, D.C.

 Frye, Samuel L., and Jennifer Lebron. (2020). “Learning with Community: Evaluating the Nonprofit Fellows Program.” George Mason University Innovations in Teaching and Learning Conference, Fairfax, VA.

Silva Peralta, Yamila, Samuel L. Frye, and Susana Carino. (2020). “Building Cross-Cultural Social Entrepreneurship Capacity through University Partnership.” The International Higher Education Fair of Argentina (FIESA), Mar del Plata, Buenos Aires Province, Argentina. ***Conference postponed due to COVID-19***

Frye, Samuel L., and Graziella Pagliarullo McCarron. (2019) “Leveraging High-Impact, Collaborative Learning via the Creation of a Mock Nonprofit Organization in an Undergraduate Nonprofit Studies Course.” University of Georgia Innovation in Teaching Conference, Athens, GA.

Frye, Samuel L., Melanie Hildebrandt, Melissa Swauger, and Karen Eash. (2017). “If You’re Not Gay or Mexican, She’ll Flunk You”: Faculty and Student Perceptions of Diversity Discourse.” Annual Meeting of the Eastern Sociological Society, Philadelphia, PA.

Swauger, Melissa, Melanie Hildebrandt, Samuel L. Frye, and Karen Eash. (2016) “Methods and Outcomes of the IUP Campus Climate Qualitative Research Study.” State System Summit on Inclusive Excellence and International Education, Indiana, PA.

Frye, Samuel L., and Holly J. Benton. (2016). “Graduate Students' Journey to Becoming an Effective Instructor: Making Sense of Classroom Evaluations from Senior Faculty.” Annual Meeting of the Eastern Sociological Society, Boston, MA.

Frye, Samuel L. (2015). "An Exploratory Case Study of the Interactions of Downtown Housing Market Actors in a Small Revitalizing City." 14th Annual Hawaii International Conference on Social Sciences, Honolulu, HI.

Frye, Samuel L. (2015). "An Exploratory Case Study of the Interactions of Downtown Housing Market Actors in a Small Revitalizing City.” Annual Meeting of the Eastern Sociological Society, New York, NY.