Samuel L. Frye

Samuel L. Frye

Samuel L. Frye

Concentration Head, Social Entrepreneurship

Assistant Professor

Local Government, Nonprofit Organizations, Quality Improvement in Human Service Organizations, Neighborhood Change, and the Scholarship of Teaching & Learning.

Dr. Frye is a faculty member of the School of Integrative Studies where he coordinates the Nonprofit Fellows and serves as the Social Entrepreneurship concentration head for the Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies (MAIS) degree. Dr. Frye also teaches courses in nonprofit, leadership, and community studies. As a trained sociologist, he explores how communities make sense of and navigate social change, changes made to physical space, and the role of local government and nonprofit organizations in mediating change, particularly around housing access and rights.

Dr. Frye is also committed to improving curricula and teaching through the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SOTL). Most recently, he has studied the impact of collaborative learning in nonprofit studies education with the goal of closing the theory-to-practice gap prevalent in applied disciplines.

In addition to his scholarship, Dr. Frye has 10 years of professional experience designing, evaluating, and improving programs and services for local government and nonprofit organizations.

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Current Research

Frye, Samuel L., and McCarron, Graziella. (Under review). Leveraging High-Impact, Collaborative Learning vis the Creation of a Mock Nonprofit Organization in an Undergraduate Nonprofit Studies Course. Journal of Nonprofit Education and Leadership.

Frye, Samuel L. (In progress). Making Sense of Peer Feedback in One’s Journey Toward Becoming an Effective Instructor.

Frye, Samuel L. (In progress). Breaking the Covenant of Quiet Enjoyment in Multi-Family Housing Rentals.

Frye, Samuel L. (In progress). Revitalizing the Forgotten Heart of the Small City.

Grants and Fellowships

Proposal Co-Author & Coordinator, Curriculum Impact Grant ($32,420), Office of the Provost, George Mason University

Courses Taught

At George Mason:

  • INTS 435: Leadership in a Changing Environment
  • INTS 391: Understanding Integrative Studies
  • INTS 361: Neighborhood, Community, and Identity
  • INTS 336: Poverty, Wealth, and Inequality in the U.S.
  • INTS 331: The Nonprofit Sector
  • INTS 204: Leadership Theory & Practice (online)

At Previous Universities:

  • Soc 08221: Social Problems (online)
  • Soc 08120: Introduction to Sociology
  • Soc 387: Social and Cultural Change
  • Soc 231: Contemporary Social Problems
  • Soc 151: Principles of Sociology   


Ph.D. Administration and Leadership Studies, Indiana University of Pennsylvania

M.A. Sociology, Indiana University of Pennsylvania

B.A. Art, The Pennsylvania State University

Recent Presentations

Frye, Samuel L., Melanie Hildebrandt, Melissa Swauger, and Karen Eash. “If You’re Not Gay or Mexican, She’ll Flunk You”: Faculty and Student Perceptions of Diversity Discourse.” Annual Meeting of the Eastern Sociological Society, Philadelphia, PA.

Swauger, Melissa, Melanie Hildebrandt, Samuel L. Frye, and Karen Eash. “Methods and Outcomes of the IUP Campus Climate Qualitative Research Study.” State System Summit on Inclusive Excellence and International Education, Indiana, PA.

Frye, Samuel L., and Holly J. Benton. “Graduate Students' Journey to Becoming an Effective Instructor: Making Sense of Classroom Evaluations from Senior Faculty.” Annual Meeting of the Eastern Sociological Society, Boston, MA.

Frye, Samuel L. "An Exploratory Case Study of the Interactions of Downtown Housing Market Actors in a Small Revitalizing City."14th Annual Hawaii International Conference on Social Sciences, Honolulu, HI.

Frye, Samuel L. "An Exploratory Case Study of the Interactions of Downtown Housing Market Actors in a Small Revitalizing City.” Annual Meeting of the Eastern Sociological Society, New York, NY.