Energy and Sustainability Concentration

Creating the sustainability professionals of the future


The Energy and Sustainability (EAS) concentration focuses on finding ways to meet present needs for energy and material goods without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. A sustainability education lies at the intersection of environmental science, engineering, economics, business, public policy, social justice, and many other areas. Energy required to fuel all of these endeavors is a crucial component of sustainability.

Career Paths

This concentration is designed for students interested in careers in energy and sustainability-related positions in the public, private, or non-profit sectors, including law, national and international policy, media, government, and business.

Why Mason

The proximity of George Mason to Washington, DC, gives the unique opportunity to partner with public and private businesses, governmental agencies, environmental and conservation groups and environmental-focused companies.

EAS is part of Mason's "Green Leaf" program. The "Green Leaf" designation recognizes offerings that contribute significantly to students' understanding and practice of sustainability. These offerings extend beyond environmental management, natural resources protection and conservation studies alone as Mason's Green Leaf curricula comprise both sustainability-focused and sustainability-related courses.