Examples of Experiential Learning from MAIS students

Energy and Sustainability

NOVA Outside


Position:  Coordinate series of workshops on outdoor education

Learning Objectives

  • Gain experience with non-profit event preparation and grant fund management
  • Learn how outdoor education can contribute to more sustainability-minded youth
  • Network with environmental professionals


Women and Gender Studies

Mason LGBTQ+ Resources


Position: Work with Mason LGBTQ+ Resources

Learning Objectives

  • Learn how higher education is conducted in relation to the LGBTQ community at a university and develop better understanding of how LGBTQ faculty can impact a university
  • Learn how student LGBTQ+ offices play a role in educating and promoting information about the Safe Zone workshops


Social Entrepreneurship

Fairfax County Govt Board of Supervisors and Planning Commissions

Position: Administration support of Clerk Services by ensuring legal requirement and documents are accurate and accessible to the public.

Learning Objectives

  • Search archived documents and convert to electronic and log
  • Prepare board meeting materials
  • Goal is to work in county government


Research with Mason Faculty

Position: Collaborate on research on current issues affecting non-profit organization related to social inequalities

Learning Objectives

  • Identify extent to which current non-project management curricula identify these issues
  • Contribute recommendations to curricula changes to fill these gaps
  • Learn and assist in preparing book prospectus for publishing company


VVS Wellness

Position: Assist with brand launching, marketing, outreach and event planning, etc. of startup

Learning Objectives

  • Develop knowledge and gain experience in company development, project development, manufacturing, and project management withing the holistic health and wellness industry


Skills Development with Well-Being professor

Position: Work with well-being professor to learn approaches for how to mentor and coach well-being self-car practices and assist with undergraduate course in subject area

Learning Objectives

  • Describe theories and models for peer-mentoring and peer-education.
  • Demonstrate the capacity to give supportive and corrective feedback to students who are learning and applying core practices from the science of well-being. That feedback will be focused on grading journals and blog posts in a way that promotes student learning and success.
  • Demonstrate the capacity to effectively conduct one-on-one peer-mentoring sessions for subject areas that come from the science of well-being – e.g., how to cultivate resilience in one’s life; how to assess and make use of core values and strengths; how to develop a personal mindfulness practice.
  • Describe the essential developmental tasks of emerging adulthood (i.e., ages 18 to 29) and the potential contributions that well-being science can offer to the successful navigation of predictable challenges in these years.


Social Justice and Human Rights

Research with professor

Position:  Research with social justice professor

Learning Objectives

  • Differentiate role of scholar activists as contributors to social movements and define/evidence salience of role as part of larger change systems
  • Organize and interpret, as a scholar activist, literature focused on student activism, professional activism and well-being. As a result, develop a robust literature review of these three topics and the nexus between them.
  • Assess activism and well-being research/data and synthesize into meaningful results.


Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media


Position: Research assistant for the Collecting These Times: Jewish Experiences of the Pandemic as part of the Pandemic Religion initiative of the Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media

Learning Objectives

  • Working with digital collecting projects that document the experiences of different Jewish communities during the pandemic
  • Working with an online database, to keep documentation of the project’s partner institutions and other relevant information
  • Monitor the types of organizations being partnered with and the content of the data being collected to see what Jewish individuals, communities and voices may be missing
  • Drafting two social media posts per week to help spread the word about the collection project to additional American Jewish institutions and individuals


Diversity and Inclusion Research: HBCU recruiting in cybersecurity

Position: Expand research skills, gain valuable knowledge into ensuring diversity and inclusion in the workplace, and build upon knowledge on anti-racism strategies in the corporate world.

Learning Objectives

  • Research HBCU institutions to start building relationship
  • Organize events with several HBCU institutions


Girls Inspired Ready to Lead

Position: Marketing, social media, special projects

Learning Objectives

  • Improve knowledge on local and state-wide social and economic services
  • Understand how social media can become a strategy that improves the marketability of the organization
  • Develop relationship with various organization that help expand opportunities


Unitarian Universalist Holdeen India Program (UUHIP)


Position: Archival research and support

Learning Objectives

  • Further understanding of development of phenomenon of transcultural adoption in US
  • Develop knowledge of archival science
  • Improve ability to undertake oral history projects to include development of skills to locate interviewees; to thoughtfully develop sensitive and appropriate structured interview questions further participatory action skill