Registering for MAIS 798/799

Students earn course credit for projects by registering for MAIS 798. Students earn course credit for theses by registering for MAIS 799.

Course Prerequisites

Students intending to register for credits of MAIS 798 - Project or MAIS 799 - Thesis must satisfy the following prerequisites:

  1. 27 graduate credits towards the degree
  2. Research methods course (if required)
  3. MAIS 797 - Proposal
  4. An approved project or thesis proposal

Registration Procedures

To register for project or thesis credits, the Interdisciplinary Studies graduate coordinator will have to create a section of the course specific to each student. Please submit the following items to the program office:

  1. An up-to-date curriculum worksheet signed by the concentration head.
  2. An MAIS 798/799 Registration Checklist, available for download at right, that has been signed by the student's project/thesis committee chair.
  3. A copy of the project or thesis proposal that has been approved by the entire committee, with signature sheet and original signatures.